Call for Participation

RoCKIn Competition 2015, November 19-23, 2015 (Pavilion of Knowledge), Lisboa, Portugal

RoCKIn is short for “Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics” and it is an EU-funded Coordination Action aiming at the promotion of research and education in Robotics through competitions (http://rockinrobotchallenge.eu).

The RoCKIn Competition 2015, to be held in Lisboa’s main science museum “Pavilion of Knowledge”, November 19-23, 2015, will be the second and major RoCKIn competition event.

The first competition took place in Toulouse last year and was a tremendous success. The “Pavilion of Knowledge” is located in one of Lisboa’s most privileged leisure areas - Parque das Nações- where restaurants, bars and shopping areas share a 5 Km piece of land along the river Tagus, with delightful green areas, museums and modern architecture buildings.

RoCKIn addresses two challenges — RoCKIn@Home and RoCKIn@Work — that take inspiration from the corresponding RoboCup competitions, but focus on benchmarking and networked robot systems. Both challenges require basic navigation capabilities for mobile platforms, advanced (possibly distributed) perception, manipulation and human-robot interaction. RoCKIn@Home focuses on tasks that service robots execute in a real home environment, while the tasks to be performed in RoCKIn@Work target an industrial automation scenario.

The RoCKIn consortium is pleased to announce that this year there will be a significant amount for travel support to the teams! But do not forget you’ll have to submit your Intention to Participate until the end of May (see below), and then prepare a strong TDP, since this will impact the decision on who will get travel support and how much. The important dates for the application (2 steps), qualification and registration process regarding the RoCKIn Competition 2015 are:


The final version of rules for the @Home Challenge and @Work Challenge is available.


- Intention to participate: 31 May 2015
- Application deadline: 31 August 2015 (closed)
- Decision on qualified teams: 08 September 2015 (done)
- Registration open: 09-30 September 2015 (closed)