Team Affiliation: 
Institute for Systems and Robotics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Type of Challenge: 
RoCKIn @Home Challenge
Short Team Description: 
The SocRob@Home team comprises several faculty, postdocs, PhD and MSc students, highly motivated for the participation in scientific competitions as a drive for demonstrating scientific results in challenging realistic and standardized scenarios. Our research interests include decision making under uncertainty, human-robot interaction, robot perception, and human-aware navigation. The robot platform is based on one of the robots developed for the MOnarCH EU FP7 project, additionally equipped with a 7 DoF arm, a directional microphone, and an extra camera.
Team Description Paper : 
Team members: 
Prof. Rodrigo Ventura
MSc André Mateus
BSc Carolina Loureiro
BSc Pedro Santos
BSc Maria Braga
BSc Diogo Pires
BSc José Iglesias
BSc João Garcia
BSc João Cerejeira
BSc Luis Luz
BSc Nuno Mendes
BSc Ricardo Simas