Team Affiliation: 
Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I. of Piraeus) , Department of Automation
Type of Challenge: 
RoCKIn @Home Challenge
Short Team Description: 
ROSolution Team is a robotics team from Piraeus University of Applied Science and more specifically from the Department of Automation. It was established as part of the Digital Control Systems Lab Robotics team at the beginning of 2015 and now it counts five undergraduate students, advised and coordinated by the Lab’s head, a Lecturer of the same Department. The team was formed aiming to inspire and give the incentive to undergraduate students to get involved in robotics, more than the standard curriculum does. This is accomplished by working on projects solving real life robotic applications problems and by participating in student competitions.
Team Description Paper : 
Team members: 
Undergraduate Student Vaggelis Kaloterakis
Undergraduate Student Dimitris Koikas
Undergraduate Student Panagiotis Tsilivis
Undergraduate Student Angelos Antikatzidis
Undergraduate Student Loukas Katsamagos